I want to come back

I miss you all.

I miss blogging.

I miss talking finance.

I am going to attempt to come back now that I am wrapping up my first quarter teaching. I have had a fun and challenging quarter. I look forward to work everyday and really do love what I am doing.

I am going to attempt a once a week posting schedule starting in October. I feel like I can manage that, for sure, around my 60 hour work week.

Oi. Vey. To say the least.

I hope you all are great, happy and all is going well 🙂


Hawaii Teaching Update


I haven’t been around a lot. A lot.

Part of that has been because I got a job!

I believe I mentioned it. I had like two weeks on insane interviews. Let me recap that right quick.

So, I got back to Hawaii from Ohio on July 1st. The following week I had my intake interview with the State of Hawaii, interview with a substitute agency, an interview scheduled for an after school program and in between all of this (after the intake interview), I had an interview with an intermediate school.

Gracious that was a busy time. Sharing a car, getting Mr. Wanderlust to his work obligations, my work schedule and then this interview process. Lord, have mercy.

All the interviews went well. I was offered a position at the intermediate school, two days after my interview. That in between day was me meeting with the other 8th grade science teacher to see if we meshed.

I have spent the last week planning my curriculum. Doing research. The whole nine yards. I went shopping for school supplies, professional attire. Everything. It has been insane. But fun!

Teaching is a lot of work. I cannot keep up with three blog posts a week here. I can do one a week. I can commit to that.

So, I will.

The posts will likely be going up on Mondays, in the morning as always (I believe I have it set to 06:00 EST).

I will also begin another blog on my classroom, lessons, experiences, etc. That will be for family, friends, people interested in coming to Hawaii to teach. I will post here once that goes live. Blog posts there will be infrequent and sporadic. Ideally, I would like to do a post a week, but I don’t know.

Part of me also wants to convert this blog. This blog  is With Love, Wanderlust. The name was never specifically personal finance related, for a reason. I love personal finance. I love teaching. I love traveling and exploring.

If I am honest, this blog is likely to become a “lifestyle” blog. Not beauty and fashion, but Mr. Wanderlust and I’s lifestyle. If that is the case, posts would be regularly once a week in regards to personal finance, with a smattering of other posts throughout.

The personal finance posts that you will see here monthly would be;

Monthly Budget Update
What’s on the Menu/Meal Prep/Grocery Trips
Debt Payoff Update/Savings Update (this will be a transition coming soon)

I really hope ya’ll understand. I just cannot keep up with teaching full time, writing blog posts three days a week, and take care of myself and my family. But, I really enjoy blogging so I want to keep carrying on with it as well!

Hawaii Teaching Interview Update


I had an interview last Friday with the state for my intake interview. I had a hard time finding information relating to what the intake interview was, so bare with me as I explain it for anyone that may stumble across this blog.

The intake interview was the next step after filling out the online application, style profile and calling to set up said interview.

You go into the DOE and meet with someone in HR. They ask you a ton of questions, around 50+, and it takes about 45 minutes to complete. They are pretty standard questions in regards to teaching; what have you done in this type of scenario, do you think you are this kind of teacher, explain, etc. Nothing too out of the ordinary. If you get enough points on this question series they add you to the list of teachers looking to be hired. From there schools will contact you if they would like you to interview for their teams.

My interview went pretty well. I scored enough points to be on the hire list for the next two years. I am hoping to hear something by next school year vs this school year (school starts in like 10 days…sooo….yeah I am good!).

I have an interview the day this post goes live for substitute teaching for some charter schools. That pays less than the states substitute pay, but was a little more straightforward in getting some information. To sub for the state you have to reach out and contact a bunch of schools. If they need substitutes then they will call you to set up an interview. After that interview, with one school, you will then be put on the preferred sub list for the district and be able to sub, pretty much, anywhere. I have reached out to a couple of school but haven’t heard anything back at this point.

Either way, I am excited to be getting a foot in the door.

Are any of you playing Pokemon Go? Totally, unrelated but curious all the same! I am addicted. Mr. Wanderlust and I walked 16 miles this weekend >.<

Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Hey guys and gals,

I have my interview today for the state of Hawaii Department of Education. Monday I have another interview with a agency that does substitute teaching for charter schools. I started the process for substituting for the state as well. Just, haven’t heard anything back at this point for the latter.

I am really leaning towards subbing. I want to work on my masters so that when we move I am able to jump right into the field of education I am super interested in.

But then I am stuck between goals as well.

When we start our family I want to stay home until our child is in school and then re-enter the workforce. Right now the time frame we would like to reproduce is the same time frame in which I would complete my masters, my husband would start his.

This. This has been the hardest part of being an adult for me.

Finding the balance that will work for my sanity, my husband, our impending family and what I want to accomplish within my career field.

When I think about and try and figure out all of this I get overwhelmed. I get anxious. I really don’t know what to do.

I won’t be taking out loans for my masters. That is a fact. So, I won’t be applying/starting that until next semester or school year. Which is a-okay with me.

Shoot, even that really takes some massive considerations.

If I do my masters through my Alma mater, which I can, I can complete all masters work online and take up to 9 credit hours at BYU that would transfer for the license part of the content.

I don’t know. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

How do/did you find work/home balance?