Hawaii Teaching Update


I haven’t been around a lot. A lot.

Part of that has been because I got a job!

I believe I mentioned it. I had like two weeks on insane interviews. Let me recap that right quick.

So, I got back to Hawaii from Ohio on July 1st. The following week I had my intake interview with the State of Hawaii, interview with a substitute agency, an interview scheduled for an after school program and in between all of this (after the intake interview), I had an interview with an intermediate school.

Gracious that was a busy time. Sharing a car, getting Mr. Wanderlust to his work obligations, my work schedule and then this interview process. Lord, have mercy.

All the interviews went well. I was offered a position at the intermediate school, two days after my interview. That in between day was me meeting with the other 8th grade science teacher to see if we meshed.

I have spent the last week planning my curriculum. Doing research. The whole nine yards. I went shopping for school supplies, professional attire. Everything. It has been insane. But fun!

Teaching is a lot of work. I cannot keep up with three blog posts a week here. I can do one a week. I can commit to that.

So, I will.

The posts will likely be going up on Mondays, in the morning as always (I believe I have it set to 06:00 EST).

I will also begin another blog on my classroom, lessons, experiences, etc. That will be for family, friends, people interested in coming to Hawaii to teach. I will post here once that goes live. Blog posts there will be infrequent and sporadic. Ideally, I would like to do a post a week, but I don’t know.

Part of me also wants to convert this blog. This blog Β is With Love, Wanderlust. The name was never specifically personal finance related, for a reason. I love personal finance. I love teaching. I love traveling and exploring.

If I am honest, this blog is likely to become a “lifestyle” blog. Not beauty and fashion, but Mr. Wanderlust and I’s lifestyle. If that is the case, posts would be regularly once a week in regards to personal finance, with a smattering of other posts throughout.

The personal finance posts that you will see here monthly would be;

Monthly Budget Update
What’s on the Menu/Meal Prep/Grocery Trips
Debt Payoff Update/Savings Update (this will be a transition coming soon)

I really hope ya’ll understand. I just cannot keep up with teaching full time, writing blog posts three days a week, and take care of myself and my family. But, I really enjoy blogging so I want to keep carrying on with it as well!


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