Hawaii Teaching Interview Update


I had an interview last Friday with the state for my intake interview. I had a hard time finding information relating to what the intake interview was, so bare with me as I explain it for anyone that may stumble across this blog.

The intake interview was the next step after filling out the online application, style profile and calling to set up said interview.

You go into the DOE and meet with someone in HR. They ask you a ton of questions, around 50+, and it takes about 45 minutes to complete. They are pretty standard questions in regards to teaching; what have you done in this type of scenario, do you think you are this kind of teacher, explain, etc. Nothing too out of the ordinary. If you get enough points on this question series they add you to the list of teachers looking to be hired. From there schools will contact you if they would like you to interview for their teams.

My interview went pretty well. I scored enough points to be on the hire list for the next two years. I am hoping to hear something by next school year vs this school year (school starts in like 10 days…sooo….yeah I am good!).

I have an interview the day this post goes live for substitute teaching for some charter schools. That pays less than the states substitute pay, but was a little more straightforward in getting some information. To sub for the state you have to reach out and contact a bunch of schools. If they need substitutes then they will call you to set up an interview. After that interview, with one school, you will then be put on the preferred sub list for the district and be able to sub, pretty much, anywhere. I have reached out to a couple of school but haven’t heard anything back at this point.

Either way, I am excited to be getting a foot in the door.

Are any of you playing Pokemon Go? Totally, unrelated but curious all the same! I am addicted. Mr. Wanderlust and I walked 16 miles this weekend >.<


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