Teaching Interview

While writing this I am sitting at the airport waiting to fly back to Hawaii. I have really enjoyed my time visiting family and friends, but I am really looking forward to getting back into the groove of things.

My mental well being has been on the upswing. I guess I need the closure of attending a complete memorial service to feel okay about laying my Aunt and Uncle to rest. It was, truly, a beautiful experience to spread their ashes out over the rim of the world.

While I was home I took care of a few personal house keeping things. I, out of curiosity, followed up on a resume I submitted for teaching in Hawaii months ago. I swear I submitted it in January of February.

I called and asked to touch base on my application. Apparently, I missed, somewhere along the line, that I was supposed to call to set up an intake interview with them. So, that is scheduled for this coming Friday (probably tomorrow by the time this post goes up. Yay writing in the future).

I am really excited but logistically I don’t think a full time position would work for me at the moment. I found a masters program that is very much so what I want to do. I have a phone call for one university this coming Thursday (probably the day this went up) to discuss the program. But, they do not have very many online classes and I don’t know about you but a 5,000 mile daily commute just is not in the books. However, there is another Ohio University that is very well known that has a program and is well known for their online class availability. I have to directly contact them to get some information since the PDF for the masters program is a dead file on their website.

I am totally more interested in subbing that full time teaching while working on a masters. I do not know how full time teachers juggle it all.

Then there is the logistics of full time teaching. I would need a second car, which means that I need a second parking space and frankly, I do not have a few thousand to drop on an island beater or to use as a down payment on a more efficient car. Nor do I really want to buy something that I would feel I need to ship back to the mainland if that is what we decide to do after our time in Hawaii.

But, back to the interview this week. I have no idea what to expect or to prepare for, for this interview. I don’t know if it is a who are you interview or if it is more along the lines of a tradition teacher interview. I am going to prep for the latter since that would be the worst case scenario. At best, I can talk about myself for an hour. At worst, I have to explain my classroom management style and teaching philosophy. Those are my two least favorite teaching related questions.  Classroom management changes each year, each class, each student. My teaching philosophy changes every 15 minutes, I swear!

Alright, well, I need to get packed up. It is about time to start boarding the plane! I hope your week has gone well and that you have a great weekend!


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