Where Have I Been?

No fancy dancy picture today.

Just me!

I got to Ohio on June 2nd, in the afternoon. My first flight was delayed on the tarmac and then we got stuck when the tunnel you walk through to get into the terminal, in DC, didn’t have power. So, I missed my connecting flight and had to wait, something like, four hours for another flight.

I tried to sleep in the terminal. I forgot I could have gone and hid in the USO and avoided the children running around burning off energy.

Oh, well.

When I got to my families home I saw my cats and had dinner and essentially crashed. I was awake around 30 hours straight.

We then packed up the car and headed down to my Aunt and Uncles home. I completely forgot that they did not have WiFi. I think we had the internet, in general, turned off after they passed last year.

And unlike my bestie in the world, I am not about to type a blog post on my phone. Y’all think my grammar is bad now…oh Lord have mercy, I am terrible at typing on a phone.

Anyways, we had a memorial at the cemetery where we placed a tombstone and buried some of their ashes. We then road out to, what is called, The Edge of the World, by locals and we may or may not have spread there ashes there.

My Aunt and Uncle were rebels in life and in death.

Here is a picture of the cross we placed there and the box that had some of their ashes in it.


It really was beautiful.

After the memorial services we all gathered at their bike club and had a big meal with everyone. Then went back to the house and had some drinks and reminisced. It was sad and hard but a good time.

The rest of the week through this past weekend we cleaned up the house, sent family home with furniture that has been in our family for generations, went through photos, knickknacks and such. Donated a lot of items.

It was really hard going through their home, something that took them years and years to collect…just to give it away.

Well, it was really important to me that it go to family, to keep it in the family. But yeah.

So, that is why I haven’t been around much. I was focusing on family.

Normal schedule will resume this week, and continue on. I don’t have anything huge coming up for a long time.


One thought on “Where Have I Been?

  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Aunt and Uncle. The clearing out of their stuff is a difficult process indeed, but at least you are found solice from the memories.

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