Coffee Break: Finance Series “Explained on a 3rd Grade Level”

Finance Series

One of the email lists I am subscribed to linked to one of these blog posts the other day/week. I started reading, stopped, checked out the blog (it is a common personal finance blog) and saw that there was a series on this stuff. I figured it would be a good read for everyone. It breaks the information down so well.

I am adding all three to my flight reading file. Which I still need to check that I can access offline…and I can! So good to go there!

So, here are those posts. I am hoping that more come in the future, and if they do I will add them here for you to reference.

Top Retirement Mistakes Explained on a 3rd Grade Level

Why You’ll Never Beat the Money System

How to Choose Investments like Super Mario 

I chose these for you all because the posts are talking about things that no one really wants to learn. It is the boring side of personal finance. The hard part of personal finance. The part that makes many of us (including myself) quake in our boots. It is scary! But apparently The Smarter Dollar has us all in mind and is making sure we can handle it! It is simplified information but it isn’t done in a condescending way. Which, I for one, appreciate.

By the time you are reading this I will be on my flight. I welcome you to follow me via Instagram for various pictures from my trip to visit family. Upon returning home I will also be posting more on the adventures that Mr. Wanderlust and I experience. (Mostly, on social media for clarification).


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