Social Media and General Update

Socail Media.jpg

Happy Last Day of May to you!

I just wanted to come by and give you all a little update.

This week we are on schedule for all of our posts. So, you won’t miss me this week! I do leave for my 13 hour flight back to my families, later this week. I am very much so looking forward to spending time with my family.

Part of why I am going back is for a memorial service for two relatives that we lost last summer. They were very close to us and we held their funerals in the normal time frame…but it wasn’t enough or right for our family. We have had time to process losing them so close together and are ready to give a proper send off in the way that they would love and appreciate.

I don’t really know the plans of where I, personally, will be staying during this point of my trip, so there may be some radio silence. I just wanted to let you all know ahead of time.

I am not a huge fan of scheduling out posts too far ahead of time. It is a hard feeling to explain.

In addition to the family things I have some social media accounts I would like you to know about.

I will be working on my blogs branding while I am visiting family in June and part of that is making you all aware of my social medias. I have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that I welcome you to follow. Due to logistics, I recommend following Facebook and Twitter if you just want to know when I post a blog post. If you want to see more personal what I am doing type of posts I would say follow my Instagram. I will be posting way more personal items there. Overtime it will bleed to the Facebook page. I rarely use Twitter. I don’t really get is #IFeelOld.

There will be small incremental changes being made to all three of these (Twitter and Facebook picture stuff still says 2015…so…yeah…changes are needed). I will be making some similar incremental changes to the blog as well.

I hope you all have a great June and I can’t wait to go over our budget reflection for the month!


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