Life or Debt; Best TV Show Ever?

Life or Debt

I really do not watch too much TV.

I try not to anyways.

Mr. Wanderlust and I have gotten into a pretty bad habit of vegging out before he reports for work. He comes home from PT, showers and eats with me. If I don’t have a client to run off to visit.

Then we sip our coffee and binge on a TV show. Lately, it has been Grey’s Anatomy because that show is just amazing and we are trying to get caught up to the new season.

I try to be productive by working on blog stuff, doing chores and stuff. But, sometimes I just snuggle in and enjoy the time. Our mornings, are kind of your after work evenings. It is our time to spend together for the day.

I stumbled across the show Life or Debt about two weeks ago. Someone mentioned it on Facebook and with it being personal finance related, I just had to check it out.

Basically, this guy named Victor Antonio goes to these ‘average’ American families and takes over their ‘home’ for 4 days. In that four days he has or helps the people develop a budget, determine how much debt they really have, find their true expenditures and their true income.

He then tells them their magic number; how much they need to make to break even. From there he typically gives them a challenge to go through their house to find things to sell. This is always related to something.

For example, there is an episode where a lady buys designer and high end items and her husband loves to buy the newest tech stuff.

He blames her shopping habits for their current situation and sees no fault in his own.

She blames him for their current situation because of his spending habits and sees no fault in her own.

He has them gather up a bunch of stuff each and tally up how much they spent. It basically went to show that yeah, the wife smaller, ‘cheaper’ things more frequently than the husband but his larger, infrequent purchases were of a similar figure to hers.

He then challenged them to get, I think, a month or two, of their house payment from their goods that they didn’t need, to help them get ahead.

After the 4 days are over he leaves them to, what appears to be, on their own. He promises to return in 90 days to see how the did.

When I first started watching this show I was skeptical about how it would be helpful to anyone. The dude is only spending 4 days with the families…so how are they expected to make changes that quickly.

There are some failure episodes, which just make you mad. But, overall his methodology seems to benefit people and help them out.

While, I doubt that there will be a second season (I really hope there is) I do think the show is good. It has gotten Mr. Wanderlust and I to talk about our finances a little more, in a much more casual way. We can compare to some of these people and it is nice to see some succeed and see why the ones that failed, failed.

It has provided us more motivation to crack down on our debt and get it going, going, gone.

If you would like to watch the show you can log into Spike via your cable provider; Here.

Or you can watch it on Hulu. I am not 100% sure if you need to be subscribed or not. Hulu does release the episodes 21 days after they air…so there is a bit of a delay if you get caught up.

It airs on Spike TV. I have no idea what time though.

Totally not sponsored by anyone or thing mentioned in this post.


3 thoughts on “Life or Debt; Best TV Show Ever?

    • I do it all as well. But, I work part time and my husbands job isn’t really flexible. We do the budget meeting thing so he stays in the loop and the other day he said he needed to look at the budget so he could see how much he had to buy games…so progress 🙂 He likes I handle it all.

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  1. Reading this post got me thinking about what the guy would say to me and hubby. We know we are bad at saving and budgeting. We really need to get a plan going to save. We have stopped spending a ton of money on our splurges for things like video games and our collections. Just thinking about that guy coming in and making us sell Funko Pop!s is scary lol

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