No More To Go: Meal Planning Service Review

No More To Go Review

Here is something a little different!

I told you all I would do a review of the meal planning service that I use, quite some time ago. To do so has been a little bit of a chore. I would take the screenshots come here and attempt to make something that made sense. And failed. Too many pictures. Much to long of a post. So, I made a video! To view it, you do have to follow the link! I am debating on paying for a domain so that I can include more videos and such, but I want to see if the demand is there first

There is a slight issue with the audio and video syncing at towards the end. Yay, for a overheating laptop! Computers and coffee are not friends.

TL;DW (Too Long, Didn’t Watch)

I love No More to Go! The site is intuitive and allows me to easily sub meals that just won’t work for our family (which is rare). You have access to the archives, your favorite meals or the meals you have made. You get a customized grocery list based on if you substituted any meals or removed any meals. The price cannot be beat, especially with the Groupon code. If you are new to cooking or feel overwhelmed they have a pretty extensive resources section.


Here are the links as mentioned in the video;

No More To Go ***Affiliate Link. If you sign up under this link I will receive 15% for every paid membership and recurring charge associate with the original purchase for the lifetime of that membership.

Groupon No More to Go Coupon

Other meal plan programs I have used in the past and referenced for transparency.

The Fresh 20

Not a terrible option but far too exotic for us. 20 ingredients per week, all fresh, no processed foods. One of the meals that I remember the most vividly was Watermelon soup. We would, typically, only get about 2 meals a week from this site.

$5 Meal Plan 

For us this had a lot of substitutions. Overall, good typical American dinners. I ended up spending more time figuring our what to sub for the canned and processed items on the list. It just became to be too annoying to me. She does have most of the recipes for free on her blog, but they aren’t in a meal plan format.




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