Coffee Break: How To Save Your First $100,000

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Is it Wednesday?


No, it isn’t.

I am having some technical difficulties with today’s post so I changed up the order for the week so that I could stay on schedule.

The perks of trying something new…am I right!

But, what is coming tomorrow is freaking sweet!

This weeks Coffee Break is from the blog Money Under 30. I read this a while ago…as with most of these posts.

The honest answer about this article  is it is all common sense. But oh how easy it is to lose site of common sense.

We are, slowly, but surly working our way to your first 100k. I hope to have that in the next 5 years. I would so hope sooner. You already know we are focusing on paying off our debt to make this a reality. We have changed our mindset.

The hardest thing though, is establishing our goals.

Weird right?

We know what we want to do but we don’t feel like we can set those goals until we have our debt taken care of. We can’t really save until our debt is taken care of. Which then makes us think what goals we would like to have are then obsolete because of our debt. It is a horrific spiral of craziness.

What do you think is holding you back from your first 100k? If you already have your first 100k what has the hardest part about getting there?


2 thoughts on “Coffee Break: How To Save Your First $100,000

    • Oh, I feel you! We have a negative net worth of like 150k. I should know the full number but I don’t off hand. I can’t even imagine what I would begin to think of doing with a positive net worth 100k or more! Dreams! Dedication! And not giving up will get us there!

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