Love, Life and Changes

Love, Life and Changes

Passion Led Us Here.

Oh, so very true. That is what I am trying to get back to.

Passion lead me to begin blogging.

Passion lead me to push to get out of debt.

Passion is leading me to dabble in different pots.

Passion lead me to the reading other peoples blogs.

I need to get back to my passion.

I love writing here. I love talking with my few commenters. I want to grow this blog. I want to share with the world. I don’t have a huge following here, and honestly, I do not mind. I never anticipate or expect to be able to make money off this blog. If I do, fantabulous. If I don’t, just as wonderful.

What I am trying to get at is I am changing things up again. I do not mind writing blog posts in advance, but I don’t love it. I like to write them the day before or the morning of. It feels more authentic. I feel more authentic. Less rehearsed almost. I have noticed that when I have been putting my same day written content up, it isn’t getting the traffic I used to. Part of that is my own doing, with not being consistent during our move. The other part is that I am not posting until like 6:00 pm EST…which isn’t a good traffic time here. So, to combat this, I am still going to be writing Monday and Wednesdays–but I will be posting my own content on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays I will be sharing other blogs, articles, news stories, etc on here.

I love sharing other blogs and posts. I am a nobody, but I read…a lot. Some of the bloggers I read are massive. Others are itty bitty just like me. I want to share great content that you, we, may not be aware of.

Now, on to the me update!

Not a ton to report. I am attempting to be more productive by planning my day out, within reason. Come July we will be attempting a new budget methodology. I have a few video posts that I will be doing coming soon (two very long promised posts and one that I will begin recording for an end of year/start of year post series).

We are getting our grounding here in Hawaii and getting into a routine. Which is starting to feel great.

We are making plans for the future. Dreaming. Wanting to embrace our wanderlust even more.

The funniest thing going on right now is that I have fallen behind on reading blog posts that get sent to my inbox. I am about 1.5 to 2 months behind. I spent a decent chunk of today going through and turning posts into PDF files so that I can read them at the air port and on the plane. So many. I am not even done. I just started converting Aprils emails into PDF’s and I already have 30 PDF’s! It is insane! But I am excited to get caught up!

Well, if you made it this far, tell me where you would go if you could go anywhere in the world? Cost is not a factor!



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