I’m Late: Car Trouble

I know, I know. I always have an excuse.

But bare with me.

Mr. Wanderlust had to be at work early. Not really, but you know what…if you have to wake up at 3 am, anything is early!

So, our morning goes as normal. I make the coffee, pack his lunch and make breakfast for him. Speaking of breakfast, it is now 8:45 am and I haven’t eaten yet. I will make myself a smoothie after this.

Away Mr. Wanderlust goes.

I sit down and continue my morning routine of checking email, blogs and such. I then, typically, start working on a post. I look over at my phone and have 4 text messages. Not too out of the normal. He, almost always, lets me know he got to where he is going safely, especially if it is not his normal stop. Which, today was a different stop.

This is the picture that greets me.


Beautiful right.

This is a section of my car that the repair shop worked on from the car accident.

I have spent my morning calling the insurance company, our claims adjuster and hanging out on the phone with the body shop while they reviewed the image over email.

They want my husband to bring the car in. So, he is going to try and take the bit off or we will have to have the car towed. We have AAA, so, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is in my name and I have a sneaky, sneaky suspicion that Mr. Wanderlust pulled a usual, no big deal on me and didn’t put the AAA card in his wallet or on his keys. I recall pestering him about it. He can’t reply to my texts right now so I have no idea. Without AAA we will have to pocket the tow expense, and gracious knows what that will cost on the island.

Other than that, today is okay. It is just a pain when you can’t communicate with your spouse who has the vehicle, and it is your only vehicle. I have no idea when he will be able to talk today. Right now is lunch but he isn’t where he normally is so who knows when lunch is today!


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