I Got a Job!

Yup! You read that right. I got a job and I went ahead and took it.

She still has to do my background check and talk to my references; but unless I have committed a crime I don’t know about and/or my professional references totally steamroll me (the opposite of my written recommendations from them) I have the job.

Until I return from Ohio this summer I will be working part time. Mostly morning to early afternoon. The job is as an independent contractor, so I do have to do quarterly taxes *womp, womp*. The pay is pretty good, it isn’t by the hour so it is kind of complicated to explain but makes sense for how the job works.

I am pretty excited. Part of me wants to learn as much about the company I am working for, for a few reasons. I, actually, would love to operate a similar business. I talked it over with Mr. Wanderlust and it is something we are considering. It would give us some time to get a general plan in line.

I am excited about this job because of the flexibility. I would be able to see Mr. Wanderlust during the week, before he goes in for his night shift. Weekend work does happen but is sporadic and really short (I’m talking maybe an hour). It also gives me time to focus on this blog and allows me to turn it into what I would like it to be. Working a full time 9 to 5 job, it is possible, but it is draining.

I also get a little time to work on me. I have some of my own stuff that I still need to work through (hello, anxiety). I would like to put in some research time into if or what I want to get a masters in. I love teaching, but I’m not 100% sure it is what I want to do for more than a few years. It is an exhausting job. I could, pretty much, sub for at least 10 years and be perfectly happy.

I’m at a confusing junction in my life. I really, really do love education. I do not love the education system. I do not love how society views teachers or the education system. (Knock, Common Core all you want, but at least read it in comparison to what your states previous or current standards are…they are very similar).I do not like how education, typically, comes in last in many households. I don’t know how many students and parents have told me that when their child is home it is their time, that they didn’t/won’t be doing assigned work because they have too many after school commitments, etc. I know there are many great parents out there, and I love you to bits.

I love personal finance, but I don’t know if I could actually do it as a job. I have thought about becoming a tax preparer and I will likely do that next year, for sure. We won’t be moving mid tax season! I wanted to do that this year, and then we moved! I could have done the math and realized that would be the case.

Anyways, I went out on a rant there. I got a job. I am pretty excited about said job.


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