Quarterly Update January-March


Well, with all the moving stuff this sure came out of nowhere. I decided I wanted to do a quarterly update on debt repayment, side money, etc. I am going to skip over the bank account stuff since it is a bit of a mess right now. We are okay month to month but savings is pretty much gone right this moment. We will get caught up.

So, first up!

*Drum roll please*

Student Loan Repayment 

This is not all of our loans, this is just the ones we are focusing on right now. If you follow us, you know that we are on the income based repayment plan for our student loans. Right now, that payment is $0 a month. We are also paying Mr. Wanderlusts Parent Plus Loans, which are in his parents name. We are actively paying on our loans directly through our university as well.

Total Paid to Student Loans: $2,266.98
Total Interest Paid: $636.14

You know what? I ain’t even mad. I am happy with that progress. All things considered, I am proud of that number. I am hoping that by May we are able to up our efforts.

Coupon Refund Apps 

I started using these very recently. Not exactly from the start of the year but shortly after. I can’t really tell you when. I will provide links to each one. If there is an affiliate or referral program I will put a * at the front of the app/website name.

Checkout 51: $3.10
MobiSave: $2.25
SavingStar: $0.07
*Ibotta: $8.50

Grand Total: $13.92

Not too shabby. We coupon a little too, but I don’t keep track of that. Nor, would I really have a decent way to do so. This isn’t the most exciting amount, but it is something. Which I will take. Personally, we find that paper coupons and electronic ones, don’t apply much to what we buy–so I take what comes my way.

Online Work

Inbox Dollars: $13.51
I am not even going to link to this website. Personally, I do not like it. I find it very cumbersome and annoying to use.

*SwagBucks: 8,518 Points= $85.18

Over all, I like this site. I did do one paid promotion for Audible, which I have been wanting to sign up for anyways. My audible account is on hold for a few months because I have three books downloaded at the moment. I do surveys occasionally, but for the most part, I just run the videos on my old cell phone and maybe some nCraves in the background. This is not going to replace an income but it is something I do while cooking, reading blogs, etc. It is a little extra here and there. I haven’t been doing it too much since coming to Hawaii but I will be back at it next week! I am in a Facebook group for this website and people, literally, pay for trips to Disney World working on this website. That floors me!

I have started tinkering around with some other stuff that will show up in the next quarter report! What do you do to save money, make a little extra, etc?


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