Living in Hawaii: The Budget


Hawaii has an insane cost of living. If you are new to my blog, Hello! Welcome.

We didn’t voluntarily come to Hawaii.

We aren’t complaining either.

We were sent here due to Mr. Wanderlust and his job. I’m pretty sure I explain this more in the about me section up at the top of this page…but it probably needs updated. Let me write that down real quick.

Okay, so back to it.

We were born and raised in the mid-west. Had a small stint in Texas. Now we are in Hawaii. This is our budget. Aren’t you excited?!

Debt Payments: $703.36
This is student loans and car payment. This doesn’t include any extra payments. It is just the minimum. And, boy howdy can I not wait until this category is gone.

Food: $800
I just died inside. This does include eating out which is for dates ($50). The other $750 goes to actual food that I cook at home. Three meals a day. I want to try and get this down but we just did our first shopping trip this past week, so I’m not 100% on how possible that is. Here is a link to our meal plan for this month. That will give you an idea of what we eat.

Housing: $2,399.84
Another yikes category. Our rent is $2,300 a month; all utilities but internet included. It is a 900 square foot condo that accepts cats. That is part of the cost. The other part is it is Hawaii. A one bedroom condo in the city will run you 1900 for 300 square feet and no pets. The rest is our internet and renters insurance.

Pets: $50.00
Nothing really changing here. We are most likely going to order their food and liter through Amazon since it is cheaper. This may go up a little once the fur balls are actually here.

Transportation: $100
Gas isn’t all that more expensive and Mr. Wanderlust has a pretty short drive to work, with minimal traffic. I don’t plan on getting a car so this category will go up to include my bus fare.

Personal: $150
This is for our cell phone plan. This will be our last purchase with Verizon. Once our plans are up we will be switching to something like Ting. We are on a family plan with the in-laws and they used Mr. Wanderlusts line to upgrade someone else on the plans phone so we were a little stuck this time around. Once I get a job we will be adding a clothing allowance here and personal care as well.

Entertainment: $68.46
Birchbox, Hulu and spending money is in here. Not a lot by any means.

We are in the process of rebuilding our emergency fund and awaiting reimbursements from the remainder of our hotel stay. Once we get the emergency fund reestablished we will buff up the savings categories. Unfortunately, we need to set aside about $2,000 so I can fly home this summer to deal with some legal family stuff. My plane ticket is right around $1,000. I need a rental car for a week (boo) and it is close to $700 to fly the cats back to Hawaii.

We are doing okay right now. Once the rest of the reimbursements come through we will be even better. May is pretty much all budgeted for as well. That makes me feel better.

Our condo had a $2,300 deposit on top of the rent. That hit us pretty hard. Not going to lie. We had a little too much fun in Waikiki but, our bills are paid and we enjoyed the few things that we did do out of pocket.





3 thoughts on “Living in Hawaii: The Budget

    • It really depends. A flight from most of the US will run you close to $1,000 round trip. Our hotel was slotted at $177 a night, reimbursed thankfully. You can get a room for a little less. AirBNB for much less. If you eat outside of Waikiki food can be cheaper for sure. An average dinner for two, with one alcohol beverage a person ran us around $70 a night. The tourist activities can be a doozy. We went on an island tour. Without the local resident discount it was $99 a person, which just covered the transportation, no lunch or activities along the way. The Luau we went to, I think was around $60 a person, at the discounted rate. The one we plan on taking family to is $99-160 a person, depending on where you want to sit and a few other factors. Rentals for a SUP (stand up paddle board) range from $25 bucks an hour to a hundred-ish for a day–depending on if you have cash or plastic.

      For a comparison though. As a sub in Texas I was making $75 a day. Here as a sub I would make around $150-ish. The pay is higher here. McDonalds starting wage is $9 bucks and hour…maybe $10. But, that won’t go as far as it does in most normal places in the states. Obviously lol.

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