The Job Front

Go figure!

Our last day in the hotel Mr. Wanderlust was called into work at 1 am; and I couldn’t get back to sleep. So, I sat there poking around on Craigslist reading job postings because, why not. I found one job that didn’t seem super sketchy and applied for it. It is a job doing in home pet care and dog walking. No idea on pay, its about 15 to 20 hours a week. Very flexible, in the fact that I would be home in the mornings to spend time with Mr. Wanderlust before he leaves for his evening shift. I have an interview for this establishment this week.

Yesterday, I received a phone call for an interview at a bank for a full time position. Again, not really sure on pay but Google says around $15 an hour which is right around $29,000 a year. Which isn’t terrible. Not amazing, but not terrible. It is a bank so it would be opposite shift of Mr. Wanderlust and rotating Saturdays. That is kind of my catch. The pay is close to what I want, only $1k off a year at minimum and if it is actual rotating Saturdays I wouldn’t mind it. Mr. Wanderlust has most weekends off, we would see each other for an hour-ish in the evenings. I think I could swing the emotional side of the job. The money would help set us up very well.

However, not counting my chickens before they hatch. The first job I think will be more accommodating to my current needs; where as I am fully expecting to not be offered the job at the bank because of those needs. I have to take the month of June off. It is a non-negotiable for me. The family stuff (legal and otherwise) that I have to do this summer is going to win over any job offer. But that is also why I was only applying to jobs I was truly interested in. I know I am way more than qualified for the first job and qualified (maybe slightly over) for the second job. The second job has room for portability and growth and is more stable.

I’ll do the hashing out with Mr. Wanderlust when/if I get a job offer. But, either way I am excited to interview! At least I know people are looking at my resume/applications.


2 thoughts on “The Job Front

  1. Looks like you at least have your wheels turning and I have no doubt that you will find something soon enough! I hope you are enjoying your new home in the meantime!

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    • The new house is awesome!! It is a lot bigger than we thought it was. It is 900 Sq feet but visually the bedrooms felt small. We are going to turn our living room into the office/guest room and the spare room into the living room.

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