Moving in!

Just a short note and a teaser.

Today I drop the car off for repairs. I’m also doing some stuff at the condo; cleaning the kitchen, dividing up some of the bulk meat we bought, cleaning the coffee pot, etc.

Tomorrow, the movers come! What the what?! We are so excited to be moving into our actual home.

April I am getting back on track with my blogging. Things are settling down and straightening out. I am so glad that a routine is being established. Hello, type a people! 

I plan on doing a post on No More to Go, so ya’ll know what that is about. I am also going to do a post on student loan repayment, explaining our new budget line items and hopefully I will be able to tell you something about finding a job. Hopefully. Maybe. I just want to do something at this point. A month off is more than enough for me.

I hope you have an Aloha Thursday. I can’t wait to see you all on Monday!!


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