April 2016 Meal Plan

Make sure the above, calendar is on April for this post to make sense!

The one thing we have learned being here for a month is that groceries are super expensive! We are attempting to stay within a $500 a month budget, for two people. Which seems absolutely insane, I know, I know. We have ran into a few bumps which is part of why we are increasing our grocery budget.

Mr. Wanderlust doesn’t have access to a microwave at work. So, leftovers are now much more difficult to deal with. To combat this we will eat the same meal for two days. That should get rid of the full meal. Mr. Wanderlust will be taking the same thing for lunch each week. I am making a different lunch as well. I am doing plant based/vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunch; for personal health reasons. I love meat but it does make me feel a little run down if I eat it three meals a day. I used to eat plant based for breakfast and lunch a couple years ago and I felt so much better.

It was actually Mr. Wanderlusts’ idea for me to share the above calendar. I spent a full day looking up recipes for lunches, for both of us and digging through the archives over at No More to Go (referral link), smoothie recipe and breakfast. I also then put the grocery list together.

I will do a review on No More to Go in depth tomorrow to share what the site is like. I really like it and it has some great features!

For the Calendar above, there are recipes linked to where I found them. All the dinners are from No More to Go, and that is a subscription service, so you will not be able to access the service without subscribing. I genuinely find it to be a great service and love having it. Lunches all of my lunches (N-Lunch) and the Meatballs at the end of the month for T-Lunch are linked. The Smoothie is linked at the start of the month, but not throughout the month. I don’t remember if I had a recipe for my breakfast or not. If I do, I linked it!

Why are we meal planning like this?

Honestly, this stuff is time consuming. I’m attempting to coupon, meal plan, and keep shopping down as much as I can. I want to do the bulk of the shopping at the start of the month and only have to go for incidentals and produce weekly. We plan on using the farmers market for produce and I am looking at a co-op. We also picked up a Costco membership.

It is my attempt to save money. When I go pick up incidentals I can check prices on our frequent purchases; creating my own price book.

I will be doing this every month, so if you like this type of post let me know and I will keep posting them. What do you do for meal planning?


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