The Job Search

2016-03-05 11.34.21

So, apparently, I am just going to share all the pictures we have taken with ya’ll. Share the beauty and the Aloha spirit. That is a real life sea turtle we saw when we did one of the many island tours. That way we know where to take our families for some tourist stuff, but don’t have to drop the money. The tour was a hundred bucks a person. Because we live here they cut it in half for us, which is really the only reason we did it. But, that isn’t what this blog post is about! Get back to it lady!

I have been looking for a job for about two weeks now. So, not very long by any means. I am looking for a job that is full time, relatively set schedule, and with most weekends off. The pay I’m looking for really depends on the type of job, and I will explain that in a minute.

I have applied for all kinds of jobs at this point. Most of them are different types of office jobs. That is what I am, ideally, looking for. For a while, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I have nailed that down at this point as well. I won’t be able to do what I want to do for some time.

What it boils down to is, I saw a job for a trainer. Read the description and was like, “Yeah, I want to do this!” I applied for it. I’m very certain I won’t even get an interview for a variety of reasons. I do have the educational background for the job. I just don’t have a lot of experience in training/instruction/teaching. I have a year and a half of professional experience with it and roughly three years of entry level experience. I’m okay with that, given I graduated in May of 2015.

Last night, I showed Mr. Wanderlust the job posting and just happened to decide to look at other jobs that this company had available. They had a low level, entry level position and I applied for it right then. It would give me the background in a sector I am highly interested in (finance) and would allow me to work my way up to be a trainer with them or another company It would also allow me to get relevant and updated references.

I really, really would like to interview for this position. It likely doesn’t pay a whole lot (around $11 an hour).It is full time, so there is that. It is also very conveniently located…literally two blocks from our condo…walking distance. So, the pay would be fantastic when you don’t have a commuting cost.

I really am interested in this job! I’m going to give it until it has been a week since I have applied. At that point, if I haven’t heard back, I’m probably going to pop on by the branch (nicely dressed) and inquire about my application. Inquiring about my application has been how I have received every job I have applied for. I don’t fully know why, but that is how it has always happened.

Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers, whatever it may be…send me some good mojo ya’ll.

On a side note, I’m still tinkering with some side hustles. I will talk about those next month. I’m working on updating my spreadsheets for all the things.


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