Setting into a Routine

2016-03-05 08.49.06

Isn’t it beautiful?!

We have signed for our condo (leasing, not buying) and will be moving in next month!! I am so excited about it. Thankfully, I don’t feel the need to have a ton of space, or I may be going crazier in the hotel. The hotel is nice enough, small. Nothing overly fancy, but it gets the job done. We have a king bed, dresser, mini fridge, microwave, tv and a bathroom. We are just a couple blocks from Waikiki beach, so there is a lot to do when Mr. Wanderlust isn’t at work.

Speaking of work. I have been applying for jobs, whenever something that peaks my interest comes by. I also submitted an application to the Island to be a teacher; but honestly, I don’t think I want to. I would have to meet a standard license by end of school year which would mean full time teaching, first year teaching and part time school/testing to get my license to meet the states standards. Going back to school isn’t really on my personal goals agenda at the moment.

Our finances are doing okay, at the moment. They are a little of a mess, which is why I haven’t done a budget update yet. We have paid for our hotel and food out of pocket so far and are waiting on reimbursement from Mr. Wanderlusts job. Basically, everything we had saved is gone at this point, but the reimbursements have begun to flow back into our account, which is great! I am, actually, sitting down today to update our budget and figure out what is going on.

We are still getting things settled here. I still need to register the car here. We scheduled the repairs from the hit and run last month. We still need to file taxes (supposed to be doing that today). I still need to submit a change of address, which is a frustrating experience for some random reason that I can’t figure out. I have a to do list somewhere. Goodness knows where it is right now.

I’ve also taken to going to the gym every morning…most mornings. I wait and eat breakfast with Mr.Wanderlust after his unit does their thing in the morning. So, now I go in and lift some weights. I really enjoy it. Yesterday was my first day back to doing a program. I felt like poo afterwards. Today I am a little sore, but I felt that high you get when you workout and it felt so good. I remember I enjoyed lifting, but I didn’t remember enjoying it this much.

I am still working on getting back into blogging. It isn’t that it is time consuming to do, it is still finding the schedule. Mr. Wanderlust is starting to get back into work and less into the “I just got here paperwork.” So, things are stabilizing into a normal work schedule. The last few weeks have been taking him to and from work, running him around to the different bases and places he needed to go. With the car being damaged (totally, drive-able) and Mr. Wanderlust not being used to city traffic I’ve just been doing the driving. It isn’t the most convenient thing and there were spats but I felt better with it this way.

A lot is happening in the next 6 months or so and I cannot wait to share with y’all! I’m sorry if people have forgotten that I exist since I have been so terrible at posting!


3 thoughts on “Setting into a Routine

  1. What a beautiful picture! It looks like things are moving forward rather quickly and you’ll be settled in no time. What an amazing place to live!

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    • It is amazing! We already know this isn’t where we want to be for ever. It is so far from family. Whenever the husband decides he no longer wants to continue with the military, we know we will be settling some where south. We, literally, plan on picking our final home based off of surf competition schedules. Get a house near the beach (walking distance at most), paddle board or surf our lives away.

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