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We are settling in! We have had some issues getting things sorted out and what no, but we are finally getting everything all squared away!

The plane ride was a long 9 hour flight. We had planned to download a video to watch before we left, but our internet was turned off a day early, and the airport wifi was terrible! So, that, clearly, didn’t happen. We ate before our flight took off (quesadillas for breakfast lol!). We decided we would sleep on the plane. Yep, didn’t happen. The girls sitting next to us were up and down the whole flight. Which wouldn’t have been an issue if they would have acted like adults (they were college age). The one that was the primary “issue” refused to stand up in the seat isle so she would stand up on the seat cushion and jump over the arm rest to get into the walking aisle. It was funny the first time but after that no so much. She drove our flight attendants nuts though! Instead of handing them trash when they would make rounds she would set it in the aisle. She was an interesting character for sure.

We landed, eventually! I swear it felt like forever. The crew was amazing, they had food, two movies, we read our books, we tried to sleep, a couple got engaged. It was, overall, a fine flight. Nothing to write home about really, but fine enough.

Mr. Wanderlust checked in as he was directed to do so. We grabbed our bags, found the waiting spot for the shuttle for rental cars. Which was funny. We found it along with another couple. While we waited the shuttle just zipped on by in the far lane (three over). We tried to call their line to let them know they had pickups but only three major rental companies had numbers. So, we waited something like 30 minutes for another shuttle to come round.

While checking in to get our rental my phone rang! Guess who called?!! The port, they had received our car and it was ready for pick up! I couldn’t pick it up until a few days later. We now have our car, and will have it for about a week before it goes into the shop to get repaired from the hit and run in Dallas.

We left and dove head first into Honolulu rush hour traffic! That was an adventure in and of itself. It wasn’t terrible, overall Hawaii drivers are courteous and friendly. We arrived at our hotel got all that sorted out, parked the car and went up to the room. Not too bad! It’s nothing fancy, but it is clean and in a very prime spot for adventures.

Over the weekend we checked out where Mr. Wanderlust needed to be for the week, visited the hotel we were supposed to attempt to stay at to try and figure out some stuff for covering our actual hotel. That took days to get figured out, but is a breath of relief knowing it is fine. We went paddle boarding in Waikiki, chilled on the beach, got some decent sunburn where we failed to put on our sunscreen. We looked at the condo we are moving into and fully approve. It is still really weird to me not to have carpet in my living room but that is nothing that an area rug cannot fix. We did look at some other housing options as well, but nothing could beat the location and price of what we are signing for.

Basically, our condo is right off the highway that Mr. Wanderlust needs to take to get to work, it is about a 30 minute drive as long as the tunnels stay clear, on a bad day. Within walking distance (10 minutes or so) there is a mall with an amazing food court. I’m not talking about T-Bell, Chickfila, Wendy’s food court, but rather some nicer quick food options. We ate at a Ramen place while we over there for our appointment. There is also shopping (duh, it is a mall…) and a movie theater. In addition to the food court there are also sit down restaurants throughout. Twice a week they also do a farmers market. For us, this is kind of our ideal; having things to do within walking distance. We are also near a private military beach where we can go paddle boarding or surfing, we are also just a short drive away from the North Shore.

We did visit Waikiki beach over the weekend and rented a paddle board. It was a lot of fun. We didn’t catch any waves since we could barely figure out how to do the whole paddle boarding thing but we are excited to get more acquainted with the sport and maybe move on to surfing if we build that confidence.

I think that is what we are most excited about. Having the ability to actually get outside and do stuff. We are looking forward to hiking, beach time, etc.

I have begun to apply for jobs, very selectively. It has to be something I very much so want right now. I need a month off sometime between May and June to settle my Aunt’s estate; and I am very nervous worried about interviewing for a job and needing to ask for that time so soon.

So, that is about it! I am going to get back to posting on my M/W/F schedule this week/next week. I appreciate y’alls patience as I tried to get everything ready to move and settled!


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  1. Welcome to Oahu! I was born and raised here. I was browsing the “Waikiki” tag and your blog came up. I’m your newest follower and would love for you to visit my site if you get a chance 🙂

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