Sallie Mae Back

I am not into rap, R&B, or whatever this genre of music is…I’m a pure country music fan, occasionally America’s top 40 if I’m feeling adventurous. Mr.Wanderlust is a heavy metal/rock/scream-o fan. Our house is weird.

Anyways, totally not the point. I’m busting this post about before I attempt to sweep our downstairs and find a laundry-mat, so I can pack our stuff!

Basically there is this rapper called Dee-1 from New Orleans (dude, anyone want to hit me up with some beignets please? I’ll be forever your best friend. beignets here in Texas are not the real deal). He went to college, got into some debt, was a middle school math teacher, worked a couple jobs at the same time, basically busting hump to make ends meet. He continued to explore his dream of being a rapper and eventually signed a record deal. After getting his cash monies from the record deal he took a chunk and paid off Sallie Mae! Way to go Mr. Dee-1! Here is a CNN article on him with a small video interview.

And here is his rap Sallie Mae Back!

I don’t even know this dude and I’m loving what he has done!



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