I Haven’t Forgotten Y’all Exist

Things are just very hectic right now. I’m having a really hard time finding ‘free’ time to sit down and blog.

I had a cold that knocked me on my bum for a few days.

I broke my laptop (which is now fixed thanks to my awesome Dad)!

I traveled back to Ohio to drop off the cats before we leave for Hawaii…which was a hectic mess of last minute cold weather. This deserves its own post…so let me write that down.

Today I have to get everything we are personally taking to Hawaii together and put aside so the movers don’t pack it. Wash linens, some basic cleaning since the house will be a mess with the movers tomorrow. Run some items to Goodwill, the on base thrift shop, grocery shop (I still need to eat), visit my husbands CO to drop off some information for travel for her, and goodness knows what else.

Tomorrow the movers come. I’m not really sure what I am going to do while they are here…but maybe I will bust out some blog posts so my site isn’t so dry.

Thursday I will be starting the deep cleaning since it all needs done by next Tuesday or Wednesday…whatever the 24th is.

Once Mr. Wanderlust is back in the house we have to get his stuff started so that he can begin processing out of the current base we are at. Then we have to buy some items for graduation, go to graduation, out to dinner (nothing super expensive to be honest), early to bed, then off to the airport to fly to our new home.

Things are insane. I’m (frankly) a basket case of stress and anxiety. I’m doing my best to keep everything level…but the fact that we leave next week has me wanting to curl up and cry.

I still need to pay for my new teaching license (not expensive just haven’t gotten around to it). I’m not worried about the application, I can work on that in the hotel after dropping Mr. Wanderlust off at work.

Well, I have updated you, now I need to check the housing site to see if anything new has came up over the last few days I was in Ohio.

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