Car Accident: ‘Hit and Run’

So, earlier this week I drove up to Dallas to drop my car off to be shipped to Hawaii. I was hoping it would be to Hawaii a week or so after we get there but apparently it will take two months or whatever. That is fine. I’m over it. Rental cars until it comes. I get it.

The drive up was super awesome! I listed to the new PodCast for Paula Pant and JMoney called M.O.N.E.Y. Enjoyed the scenery and in general the drive. Fifteen minutes from my destination disaster struck (well, a little dramatic).

Two cars in front of me there was a pickup truck with a load of stuff. It wasn’t secured. What looked like an ottoman flew out of the back of their truck, over and the the left into the lane next to me, where a semi swerved to avoid hitting it. Struck it into my lane and into the front end of my car.

I called 911, dude never pulled over at any point, I followed behind for a few miles while talking to the dispatcher. I gave then his license plate and all that. She told me if there was damage to call back and they would dispatch someone to me for a report. I get to the shipping place and low and behold there was damage. I knew it before I got to the yard, to be honest. I have proximity sensors, backup sensors, and some others. One of the front end ones was going off like crazy anytime I was under 20 miles per hour.

Thankfully, the shipment center was willing to take my car! I filed my claim, learned I don’t have uninsured motorist on my insurance and that this would be covered under comprehensive since it was an item and not a vehicle that hit me. I did add uninsured motorist to my policy!

While, I am super frustrated and mad (I did file a police report but the cop was so no where near interested) about it all. I’m mostly over it now, but once I get my car and begin the adjuster/insurance stuff it will be obnoxious again.

The damage really isn’t bad when you look at the front end of the car. My entire bumper will need replaced and probably the grill as well. Plus all the electrical/sensor stuff will need fixed. Once my car goes into a shop my insurance pays for a rental car! So, that will be nice!


5 thoughts on “Car Accident: ‘Hit and Run’

  1. Ugh, I hate that! I hope your insurance doesn’t take a hit? I had a friend who was involved in a hit and run on the highway – there were witnesses and everything, but because they weren’t able to capture the trucker’s license plate and there has to be an insurance policy to pin it to, it was pinned on my friend! He had to pay his deductible, AND his insurance went up! Nightmare of nightmares!!


    • Thankfully it is not going to effect my rates since I wasn’t at fault. It is covered under comprehensive. I provided a license plate number to the dispatcher. The cop that took my report didn’t really care that we had a license plate number though. Which, is frustrating.

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      • I know… they should get charged with a hit and run at the very least. I once witnessed a hit and run in a parking lot but was able to take pictures of the guilty who fled. I kept in touch with the “victim”, who later told me that the driver claimed it wasn’t her, she was never there, etc. so despite the photographic evidence, she got off!


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