January Budget Recap

January Budget


Total Income: $2,458.13

Expenses: No, bloody clue. (Sort of).

We sat down to update our budget on January 31st (day this is being typed) and realized something was way off! Our checking and savings account amounts didn’t match the budgeted categories that correlate. But off, I mean over $1,000 off. We spent 30 minutes trying to locate the error and couldn’t so we wiped clean and started over. We later determined it was from me forgetting to transfer to savings in January and some other error that we couldn’t identify. Due to the impending move happening in February we, literally, couldn’t afford to leave the error. For the most part our expenses are fairly typical month to month. So, here is my best estimate.

Expenses Roughly: $1,712.66

Leftover: $745.47

The leftover amount goes towards extra loan payments and savings categories. Because of my not having our January budget anymore, I can’t tell specifically what this went to. That will be different next month.

I do know around $400 or $500 was put towards our travel fund; for the move.

For February I will do a semi-breakdown of expenses. It will be crazy. We are currently keeping track of everything on paper and placing it in a binder that relates to our move. We can be reimbursed for some out of pocket expenses. We are submitting everything that we had to spend money on and will be happy with whatever they give us back. I have to make copies because whatever is not covered can be claimed on taxes (within reason).


2 thoughts on “January Budget Recap

  1. It looks like you are doing a great job at tracking your finances. It’s common to find small errors or “hiccups” as I call them from time to time, but of course progress continues to be made. Good luck with your move! ☺

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