We Are Moving!

This is a post that I have been putting off and avoiding because we don’t have a ton of information and we know it could change between now and when it is 100% official until we actually leave; worst case scenario of course.

We are very excited, that much is true. But also pretty overwhelmed. This is our first real move since Mr. Wanderlust joined the military. As of right now, we are going to Hawaii! I have already began some of the processes of getting things going. A lot of it we can’t start until he has his papers, which we hope to have today. Others going to the same place, at the same time, have received theirs already. It is just a waiting game.

One of the biggest things that we have to do is get our cats cleared for travel and approved to move to Hawaii. Which involves a 120 day quarantine. We had to get a second rabies shot for the cats, chip them and then 10 day later take them back to the vet to have their blood drawn for the rabies quarantine thing. I don’t 100% understand why it takes 120 day to test the blood but it does. It is looking for rabies markers within a certain range. Hawaii is a rabies free state, and is the only one that is rabies free.

I have been in contact with our car loan company to see how the approval process for transporting our vehicle will work. That is a fun time. I have to mail them a copy of orders, and then in two weeks they will mail a release to me. So, the car won’t be there until we have been on island for around a month.

We cannot schedule the moving company or the shipment of the car until we have paper orders, which is all good and well. It makes sense. So, we are just rolling with the punches per usual. That is one thing I learned very quickly having a spouse in the military. Be flexible and willing to change plans. Don’t plan too far in advance as well.

I have also began the process of transferring my teaching license to Hawaii so that I can start looking for a full time job! I am so excited about that opportunity! Right now, that is just in limbo. I have followed up with my university about the paperwork but haven’t heard anything back. So, that is a little frustrating but again, kind of rolling with it. I still have some time before the hiring season kicks off.

(I will get a picture up tonight! At work and all my royalty free sites I use are blocked.)


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