The Best Jobs in America

Cat Update: Jolly did have a hard time waking up on Monday from his sedation. Which is why I didn’t post. I was really stressed out and afraid we were going to lose our cat over a blood test. He woke up, but was struggling to maintain his body temp. They let us bring him home. We kept him under blankets and snuggled with him all night. Tuesday, he was back to his old self. It was adorable though, our white cat, Sherbet, would lay on top of Jolly to try and keep him warm. Jolly hated it, and would (looking like a drunk person), get up and weeble wooble over to another area and collapse on the floor.

So, to today’s topic. The Best Jobs In America according to The Glassdoor’s annual list. I’m a teacher by degree and profession. As is Mr. Wanderlust. He is currently in the military following his hearts calling. Now, I of course hoped some type of educator would be on the list, but it appears that they did the jobs based on income…so, yeah, not likely at all.

There were a few jobs I found interesting; Tax Manager and Physician Assistant. I’m weird and like doing taxes. I have always liked the medical field but I cannot hack it. When I did my Anatomy and Physiology cadaver lab I couldn’t handle the fact that I would, at some point, have to tell someone a loved one passed away. Thankfully that was my freshman year so it wasn’t a hard transition into discovering other opportunities for myself.

Do you work in any of the fields on the list? Would you be able to transition to one, if you wanted to? I could potentially transition to a tax manager, over time, and have considered it. But the hours and workload that go with it aren’t necessarily something I am interested in.


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