New Year Resolutions

While, I do tend to find this type of thing to be kind of a joke; I always make a list of resolutions.

This year I approached it a little differently. I looked up what SMART Goals were, for the 105th time and used that to establish my goals.

For those of you that do not know, this is what a smart goal is.


(Image from Envision Blog)

I did make some personal goals, such as participating in one social event a month. I am the definition of antisocial introvert. I enjoy being home after work. I like spending time with my husband. I also took up some personal fitness goals…and those are going about as well as one would expect.

In relation to this blog, Mr. Wanderlust and I decided that we would set the goal of paying off $10,000 worth of our students loans by the end of the year. We came up with this number by evaluating how much we had payed off in 2015. It isn’t the most lofty of debt payoffs but it is realistic and time bound for our current situation.

Did you set any goals? How are they going so far?


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