Coffee Break: The Other Letter

The Other Letter.jpg

Today’s Coffee Break (and oh my gracious do I need a few more cups) is brought to us by Budgets are Sexy. Go ahead, click the link, I’ll still be here.

This is one of my favorite blogs and probably the one that I have been reading the longest. It is also my inspiration for blogging, as well.

This specific post, is a little seasonal, and a little late if you only look at it that way. It brought the onion slicing demons to my eyes (I cried). It brought back many of memories from my childhood where I just wanted my parents to do something with me. The one that stands out in my mind is when I auditioned for a play and got a pretty decent role in it, in middle school. My dad refused to come to see the show because he doesn’t like plays. My mom came to opening night.

If you are a parent this little video will pull your heart strings. If you are just a child and haven’t started your own family, it may bring up some feelings from your past. It is a good thought provoking video.

I hope your day is lovely! I’m back to work more regularly now, so that is going well.


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