Net Worth Tracking


I decided to start tracking our net worth. This will just be part of our monthly budget update post, but will have its own tab up there at the top of the page.

This current net worth does not include any investment accounts. Mine is not completely set up, at the time, since I need a $1,00 deposit to do so. Mr. Wanderlust’s first deposit goes through with his February pay check, but we do not have the account information yet. It should be here shortly before or after (I would assume) the first deposit from his paycheck. So, by March it will be a more accurate reflection of our net worth…but honestly. This is it.

Another note, $32,606.82 of loans actually doesn’t effect our net worth, but is included in the above graph. We are paying it, I want to see it paid off.

The big dip in the graph is, I opened this Personal Capital account months and months ago. Got frustrated with it (wouldn’t link our to ECSI account or two FedLoan accounts) but today I found the manual add accounts button which made it much easier! So I added the Parent Plus Loans that we pay, Navient Student Loans, my car loan, and our credit card. We pay that off every month so really that is negligible in the grand-scheme of things.

I am really excited to see this number get smaller. I really, really am! I am also excited to see our investments grow over time!

There is our starting point for 2016. I will admit, it has me a bit down seeing the number all in one place. I do tend to avoid it. For instance, I am only tracking the loans that we make payments on, since we are on Income Based Repayment for some of our loans we pay nothing towards those right now, instead throwing everything at our first loan in our snowball.

It is what is it. I know we’ve got this locked and loaded…but dang!


3 thoughts on “Net Worth Tracking

  1. I’m right there with you, the overall number is always a bit horrifying. But it’s great you’re facing it and making your money work for you instead of the other way around. Good luck in 2016!

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