2016: The Year of Growing Up


Well, not really…but kind of.

On January 1st Mr. Wanderlust and I sat down and began the process of setting up retirement accounts. His was cake! Logged into his payroll information, checked a couple of boxes, and done. We do need to figure out how to select funds, but the first deduction won’t be coming out of his pay until next month.

Speaking of which, I really should ask him to look into that.

Mine on the other hand, wasn’t as easy. It wasn’t hard either. I created a Vanguard account and tried to set it up, but you need a $1,000 minimum to put it in a fund. I’m not there yet. So, unless I can figure something out to get the account open, I will just wait until I have $1,000 put to the side and deposit it then. Not a huge deal. We only started saving to put money into investments a couple months ago.

Mr. Wanderlust gets a one for one match up to 5% so we are taking advantage of that. I opened a Roth IRA.

So, we took the leap and got it done! That is the hardest part. Just committing to do it. Even though mine still needs to have a deposit I’m fully committed to setting aside that 5% each month and not touching it.

Have you set up a retirement account? If you haven’t I would recommend doing so. We have all heard about compound interest and how well that can work for you. The earlier you start, the more you can make over time with compound interest. You know, if the market doesn’t crash anyways! I’ve just begun to learn about investments. They don’t 100% interest me…but I understand the importance of them. I think that is what matters the most when you are starting out.


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