2016 General Budget

2016 General Budget

A New Year, a New Budget.

A New Year, with so much excitement already laid out in front of us (I’m doing a separate post on that, but a little bit of foreshadowing will be in this post).

General Month to Month Budget:

Debt- $706.04 (Doesn’t include extra debt payments. Just the minimum balances)
Groceries- $450
Eating Out- $25
Renters Insurance- $17.92
Internet- $49.50
Home Goods- $15 (Sinking Fund)
Utilities $100 (Sinking Fund, fully funded at this time)
Pet Food/Toys- $50
Transportation/Fuel- $75
Cell Phones- $126
Personal Care- $15 (Sinking Fund)
Clothing- $15 (Sinking Fund)
Hulu- $8.49
Birchbox- $10
Dollar Shave Club- $9.00
His Spending- $50
Her Spending- $50
Work- $8.99
Long Term Savings- 5% of income
Investments- 5% of income
Emergency Fund- $1,000 (Fully Funded)
Vet- $10 (Sinking Fund)
Contacts/Glasses- $50 (Sinking Fund)
YNAB $3.75 (Sinking Fund)
Gifts- $50 (Sinking Fund)
Xbox Live- $5 (Sinking Fund)
Insurance- $108.42 (Sinking Fund)
Maintenance- $25 (Sinking Fund)
Registration- $6 (Sinking Fund)
AAA- $13 (Sinking Fund)

Monthly Total: $1,937.11 (Not including the % of income since that varies each month)
100% Guaranteed Income- $1,930 (only my husbands salary. My income is not salary but per day worked. Budget is basically set to meet his pay).

Not to shabby. We are on a strong mission to stick to our budget, to the letter, then next few months. We are about to hit a very expensive move. A lot of it will be reimbursed, and we are currently savings for it (not included in this budget since that isn’t our month to month budget).

Currently, we have put $400 or so dollars towards the move. We have our long term savings as well. We are not making an extra debt payment for February, all extra money will go towards the move. That will continue until we actually move. We are a little upset about that, but the money is needed elsewhere at this time.

I promise, future posts will be more interesting! We will talk about our upcoming move and how we are financially (and emotionally) getting that figured out. A tour of nYNAB and my thoughts on it. A post on meal planning and so much more! I have about half of January currently planned! So, why not give us a follow?


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