2015 Debt Roundup

Happy New Year! I figure a good way to kick off 2016 is by looking back at 2015. I found this super awesome debt tracker, thanks to a Facebook group and filled it in with what we paid off in 2015.

Some things to notice; we have already figured out our debt snowball. I am only tacking the debts that we have payments for. Right now both Mr. Wanderlust and my student loans are on income based repayment plans and have a minimum payment of $0. We pay minimums on all our loans plus throw our extra at the current primary debt in our snowball. This screenshot doesn’t include all of our debts, just the ones with actual payments. Data for 2016 will include more detailed information as well…like the running balance. I didn’t include that for 2015 since it has passed.

Okay. Done rambling. So here is our snap shot of the Debt Tracker.

I did not create this, it was given out free in a Facebook group. The lady freely shared it and encouraged us to adjust it/add formulas. If you would like a copy of it I will more than happily send it to you, just leave a comment with your email or shoot me and email at NRHowell809@gmail.com.

2015 Overview

See that reddish number in the upper left hand corner?! That is how much we paid off in 2015. I didn’t even know we paid that much off. Okay, so $2k really isn’t a lot but we are super happy with it! We have set a goal for 2016, but I will tell you about that in a later post!



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