nYNAB Release Date

Nothing fancy here! Just a brief update on nYNAB, they will be releasing the full version to EVERYONE on 12/30, just in time for the New Year. You get a 34 day free trial to test it out. They have classes and stuff for you to learn the software. If you subscribe (so I’ve heard, I haven’t check on this) by the end of January you will be locked in to the $45 a year price. After that it will be $50 a year.

Later this month I will be doing a video tour of nYNAB and posting it. I’m excited, more so now than when I planned it out, because it will be all the features.

Here are some links for info:

nYNAB Release 

Transition Guide (talks about features and stuff)

User Handbook for nYNAB

Pricing Guide (it made me log into the forums which is new)

I am so excited! If you would like to sign up you can use my referral link we each get $6 if you sign up via the link! You can get your own referral link to give to friends and family here.

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