Just for Thought


I read this interesting article this morning about a lady who bought a house that was well within her means. Her sister grills her about why they aimed so low. Here is the article from Money.com if you are interested in reading it.

I feel this ladies pain so dearly. When Mr. Wanderlust and I got married, we paid for our wedding out of pocket. During our senior year,  unpaid, full time teaching internship. Money was tight. We saved. We had a very small wedding and did what we wanted with it. We spent around $2,500. Is that what everyone wants to do for their wedding, oh by no means. And if you want to take out a loan or are lucky enough to have someone able to drop multiple thousands on your wedding good for you. We worked with what we had and what we could afford.

But, my in-laws had a lot to say about it. It was tacky, what would the other people in the family say, how would it look to their friends, didn’t they understand, etc. We still hear this once and a while. They didn’t post any pictures from our wedding publicly. They emailed what they took. They didn’t want to be tagged in any photos. But you know what? We loved our wedding. It was different, yes. We had a reception at a bowling alley but it was a freaking blast. Mr. Wanderlust and I aren’t a formal dinner type of people. It was great.

I’m sure in the near-ish future we will hear about why we haven’t bought a house. Why do we always rent or live on base? And all that jazz. We don’t want to buy until Mr. Wanderlust is done with his time in the military.

Basically, you got to do you. You can’t live your life to please everyone else. You and your family come first. What is best for them. Sometimes others wont like it or understand it, and that is okay.


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