November Debt Update

November Debt Update.png

**I’ve been dealing with some personal stuffs which is why I haven’t gotten posts up. I struggle around the holiday season every year. If you do to, you are not alone. Open up to someone you trust, it does or can help.

Any who.

Hello there! Debt update time is here. So, to be 100% honest, this paid amount isn’t right. I didn’t go back and add in all previous payments prior to the month of November. I may do that for December though, if I do I will acknowledge that in that post.

For November we paid $989.25 towards our loans! Oh yea! We, clearly, have a crap ton more to go. But you know what, we are happy with the progress. We have (roughly) 100 left in interest on our first Snowball loan! We started with $1,480 in interest back in September. (This is why for December’s update I will be going back and adding in all payments made to date to the Paid portion).

For December we are on track to make an extra payment. February we will be paying minimums only, all our extra will need to go towards our travel fund for our move. We will have out of pocket expenses, but the majority of the move is covered by Mr. Wanderlusts job. We still don’t know where we are off to yet, but we will know eventually.


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