November 2015 Budget Update

November Budget Update

November was a pretty good month. It is going to be a bit of a pain for me to type all this up, since about two week before the end of the month I was able to start beta testing the nYNAB. So exciting!

Let us jump right in!

Groceries: $528.99.
A little higher than we would like to spend. We aim for $450. I didn’t really account for Thanksgiving dinner and a few small social events that we participated in.

Eating Out: $83.18.
We went out to a lovely steak restaurant for our anniversary and ordered out pizza one night.

Internet: $45.90.
Standard. Boring. This is just what our internet costs.

Renters Insurance: $25.84. 
We just purchased our policy this month, so this was the initial premium.

Home goods: $15. 
We bought some candles for the holiday season.

Pets: $33.09.
Pet food, treats, the usual stuff to sustain our little monsters.

Gas: $42.62.
This is fuel that gets me to and from work. We have been blessed with cheap gas, and my car gets great mileage.

Cell Phone: $110.
This is our portion of the cell phone bill. We are okay with it for how great our service and support is with moving so much.

Personal Care: $12.76
I had strep and an cyst this month, so this was the cost of prescriptions.

Hulu: $8.49.
It costs that much. Cheaper than cable.

Birchbox: $10
Monthly sub.

Dollar Shave Club: $9
I enjoy getting this. The razors are better than what I’ve gotten at the store and are cheaper than the ones at the store that I do like.

Fun Money: $148.04
Mr. Wanderlust wanted a new game, so we budgeted for that. I bought Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 on steam for a few bucks. I bought my planner for next year. We also purchased a subscription to a meal planning service for $19. Mr. Wanderlust and I rented a movie for our anniversary as well. We don’t usually spend this much by any means.

Work: $5.99
Subscription fee for instant notification of available jobs.

Gifts: $308.89
We started our Christmas shopping. We bought Mr. Wanderlust’s mother a desk planter shaped like a pig. A drink mixing thing for his dad. Made my mom a crochet bundle present. Mr. Wanderlust, himself, got his Xbox live sub renewed. Which we didn’t know about, but now that is a budget category so we won’t miss it again! I also got some clothes for Christmas. We have a couple more gifts to get but they will be on next months.


This month we had some higher than usual categories. The plus side, is that it was all budgeted for, meaning we didn’t go negative.

I do not include debt payments, because that goes in a different post. Nor do I include our rainy day funds. I only include categories that are spent from when I type this up each month.


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