Personal Update: One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

This is a real life picture of my husband and my hands! And the pastor that married us.

November 28th, 2014 Mr. Wanderlust and I tied the knot. This year (tomorrow) is our one year anniversary! It’s been a wonderful year and I’m so excited to spend so many more with him.

Our wedding was small. We had 30 friends and family. We were married in at a local nature preserve and we held our reception at a bowling alley. We paid for our wedding, almost, completely out of pocket. What did go on credit was paid off after we deposited wedding gifts. We did not have a Honeymoon, because we had to be back to teaching the following Monday.

In our first year of marriage we;

  • Graduated University
  • Got a cat
  • Lost two loved ones
  • I had my wisdom teeth out
  • Mr. Wanderlust left for and graduated basic training
  • Bought a newer car
  • Relocated to Texas
  • Got a second cat
  • Celebrated our first Christmas and New Year as a married couple
  • Started to get our financial house in order

(These aren’t necessarily in order)!

All together we were apart for 3 months. Which, in retrospect, wasn’t that long! During some of that time, it felt like it would never end.

It has been a wonderful year! To celebrate we are just going out to dinner. I’m going to be my usual cheesy self and pick up a cute card and write some sappy stuff in it. I don’t see us getting one another gifts. It is in the budget (gifts in general, not anniversary gifts) but Mr. Wanderlust doesn’t really do that kind of thing. I’m more excited to go out on an outside date with him! We tend to do movies, board games, video games, or cook dinner together as dates, here at the house.

I’m so in love with this man! He is wonderful.


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