Personal Update: Bible Study and Working Out

Working Out

Working Out:

So, about six weeks ago I posted saying I was going to start doing PiYo, and 8 week program.

I think I made it to, like, day three. I was bored. Out of my mind. It isn’t a bad program. If you are new to Yoga you would likely enjoy the simplicity of the routines. Nothing wrong with that at all! If I could get into I would enjoy it. I enjoy doing Yoga in the evening and changing the routine everyday.

On that note. My lazy has been in effect for the full 5 weeks, shall we say. I haven’t been working out. I haven’t been doing much of anything. I do need to change that. With my back injury I can’t really afford to skip, at the minimum, stretching 3 to 4 days a week. I get really stiff, and then my back kills.

Bible Study: 

I have been sticking with this. Sometimes I have to catch up a day or two on the weekend, but overall, this has been going well. I am enjoy the book of Esther so far. I still have two weeks left of my current study. I’m not feeling any more spiritual or getting a whole ton out of the daily readings, as far as epiphanies, or real world connections. But I am enjoying the 10 or so minutes a day that it takes. It seems to help center me and keep me in a more positive frame of mind for the day.

I would like to get better at doing this in the morning. I’ve been doing it on my lunch breaks at work, or while the kids are away at their electives. I think it would do a world of good for me to do it in the morning. And really, it wouldn’t be that hard. I get up at at 4:15 am. Chill in bed and play on my phone while Mr. Wanderlust gets ready to go to PT, to stay out of his way. Then I shower, come down and start making my breakfast and putting away dishes. Then I eat and spend about an hour sipping my coffee and playing games. So, really, I could add this to my morning routine no problem.

If you have any recommendations for a Bible Study I would welcome them!


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