Budgets Are For The Birds

A nice tid bit to think about. Are you using your budget as intended or designed? Or are you robbing Peter to pay Paul every few days?

Mad Money Monster

No disrespect to J. Money, but in the Mad Money house we believe budgets are for the birds.  I have spent countless hours inputting guesstimated dollar amounts to be spent in every detailed category in the quest to create our monthly budget.  Each month was different, so it wasn’t set it and forget it.  Every dollar had a purpose, just like Dave Ramsey likes to spout.  Every cent spent was scrutinized to make sure it made it into our personal finance app, Mint.  I bought a cup of coffee?  It went into the Eating Out category.  Mini Monster needed clothes or a toy…it went into our Discretionary spending category.  How ridiculous was THAT category?  And, at the end of the month, we would rejoice in the fact that we didn’t go over our categorized budgets.  You know what it taught us?  It taught us that if there was…

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