Using Credit Card to Pay All Bills?

Well, all isn’t the best title. The ones that we can is a better option.

We payed off our credit card at the start of the month. We decided to start paying all the bills and spending with the credit card, that we could. Most of our student loans cannot be paid via credit card, which kind of stinks, because overtime the cash back there would add up nicely.

Okay, so first thing first. No, in general, the cash back is not a whole lot, at all. It will only be a couple hundred a year. Which isn’t much at all. We plan on using cash back for Christmas presents or for something for the house next December.

Secondly, all the spending on the credit card is budgeted for and accounted for. Just as if we were using our debit card. No difference in method of utilization just using a different card.

We ordered Mr. Wanderlust his card as well, so he has it if he stops to get groceries or whatever. Not the most exciting revelation in the world. But it has been nice.

I did have a screw up this week, that I am fixing tomorrow, while I am off work. I signed up for a monthly subscription with Fabletics to order an outfit, probably a year ago. I forgot to cancel at the start of the month, while I was sick. So, I got charged. Low and behold it wasn’t in the budget so I had to fix that. Thankfully it wasn’t a huge amount of money. Just annoying.


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