Tweaking/Rehashing The Budget

I am not 100% sure why I felt like I should do this; but I did.

I sat down and reworked our budget. To start with I, essentially, started us over. I needed to ensure that our ‘normal’ expenses could be covered by Mr. Wanderlust’s paycheck and that my paycheck would cover loans in a way that would allow us to make a dent; read actually have something leftover.

So, I averaged my husbands pay, deleted everything in YNAB and began the process all over again. Honestly, a lot of it is the same. It is a little more detailed, which is done on purpose. Here are the categories:


I have to label the master categories based off of which account the money comes from. It allows me to make sure that I am not buggering something up somewhere by quickly adding those categories together and checking the account balance. So Joint just means our joint checking and savings means our joint savings.

Sadly, I did lose what little data I had stored, but I really like the way I have this laid out. Each master category is, relatively, organized by priority or importance.

Not including Student Loans or Savings Mr. Wanderlust has $550 leftover in his paycheck. Now, obviously that goes to filling in savings categories first. Which after all savings categories leaves roughly $30. I have to work a minimum of 15 days a month (rounded up to account for taxes) to cover the minimum for our student loans. I will be a little short of that requirement for December, so January will be a minimum payment month. Not a whole lot I can do about that since, well….holiday break is that month.

I have found piece of mind with the budget again. I did have to pair some things down and make some adjustments. More adjustments will have to be made. I have no idea how much we spend on pet supplies a month. I have never paid attention to the price. Which, is not a good thing.

I decided to make the master categories more specific since it allows for more precise data collected.

Come November 1st we will be on this budget, following it and executing it. I am actually excited!


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