New YNAB Pricing

I will just go ahead and link to what the owner of YNAB had to say first. The New YNAB and Pricing.

I realize that my post that went up yesterday said I had no idea about pricing. Which was true at the time of the writing on that article. Then I see this new post from Jesse, the founder of YNAB, and go…well…so be it them.

I love YNAB! I am sure you have caught on to that fact via my fan girl-ing over the excitement of an impending launch of a new version.

In this post Jesse told us that, yes, it will be a subscription model. I will be the first to admit, that I am not overly fond of this idea. With all of the YNAB products in the past, you have paid a one time fee for the software. However, New YNAB is going to be a web based version. With this comes more costs. Also, if we really think about it, software development is expensive. The customer service, staffing, etc that goes with having a growing business is expensive. A one time fee is not, necessarily, the best option for business growth and development.

The potential (they are not fully confirmed as final) fees break down as followed;

$45 a year for a lifetime discount, when purchased within a certain window.

$50 a year for everyone outside the window.

$5 a month, for a monthly option.

I do think that this price is a little high. I’m not in love with it, but I love YNAB. I have tinkered with Every Dollar, Mvelopes, LearnVest, Mint, and so many others. Nothing has worked as well or stuck as well, for me, as YNAB. It makes sense. I like the flexibility. I love that I don’t have to connect my bank account. It is pleasing to look at. I support YNAB, and I will try out the New YNAB, with the 34 day free trial, to decide 100% if I will switch over or if I will stay with YNAB 4 until the New YNAB proves to be better.

That is another thing I love about this company. Just because they offer an upgrade, doesn’t mean they force you to upgrade. They don’t cripple the software when they release upgrades. They still get customer service emails for YNAB 3 (what I started with).

I’m excited for the ‘hard’ launch! I’m hoping it will be in time for the New Year, but likely it’ll be a tad longer.


4 thoughts on “New YNAB Pricing

    • I didn’t mind the one time fee. I think I paid $60 two or three years ago (Whenever Ynab 4 launched). I’ll do the 34 day trial and weight it out. I’m a huge fan and part of me, if the product is worth it, has no problem supporting a company who I believe in their mission and purpose. I do wish the subscription were less though.

      Which ones would you recommend? I, honestly, have never found a free option (outside of Excel) that works well for me.

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      • Mint is a good one. GoodBudget is another. If you would like to invest your change, check out
        Acorn. Acorn does charge a small service fee, but at least you are investing for the future. I know a few people who like it because the small amounts really add up. Personally, I use a spreadsheet, but the most important thing is that you find what works for you! 🙂


      • I didn’t enjoy Mint. I’ve heard of GoodBudget but not sure if I used it.

        Acorn seems cool. I’ve read about it from Budget’s are Sexy. It seems cool. Our first step will be setting up IRA’s at the start of 2016. That needs to get done before time starts passing.

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