My Budget Nerd is Showing

Zomg! Y’all! There is going to be a new YNAB!

Rumor mill speculates it will be a subscription service; which has me pretty meh right now. It will really depend on what the subscription cost is and how I feel it balances with the features.

I used to use YNAB 3, which I had back in the dorm days. So, 2010-ish. I had it for over 6 months but less than a year before YNAB 4 was released. I paid the adjusted fee to get YNAB 4. The changes were totally worth it. YNAB 3 we couldn’t sync or use a phone app. YNAB 4 gave us those capabilities. New YNAB is going to offer goal setting, a cleaner faster interface, and some other bits, I’m sure.

I really like how the Goals section seems to work. Right now I have my categories set up like “FedLoan Service- $258”. This shows me I need to budget $258 a month to this category. With the new goals, it looks like I could set the goal for the total amount of the loan, divided over a given period of time I select, and it would break it down into a monthly payment goal. I don’t know if I would use it to this extreme but I definitely would use it on a smaller scale; like for new car savings and our investment categories.

They also changed how credit cards work. Which I personally like. It appears to be much more simple. Currently, I don’t really get how it works. I’ve watched the classes and I still mess it up. So right now I don’t have our credit card on file. Mr. Wanderlust is down for trying out the credit card to pay our expenses to get some cash back for Christmas next year or whatever. I do need to figure it out. The new way takes the money you spent in groceries and moves it to a credit card payment category. Which I like. A lot of people didn’t seem to love it on the forum but I am down. I guess the way that it looked like it works made sense in my brain.

We don’t have release information, yet. They just did, what they are calling, a soft, soft launch. Here is a link (click me) for the full guide. It is massive, has a lot of videos and information but may be an interesting read if you are well…interested!


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