This Week: General Update on All the Things

I have two days off this week. Today and tomorrow. Today is an accidental day off. The only subbing opportunities that popped up were for areas that I will not sub in; either I am not comfortable or previous experiences have swayed me. By areas I mean content over geographical.

Today worked out nicely though. Mr. Wanderlust is able to move home today! So, on lunch I am meeting him and we are bringing what is in his dorm back to the house. He was able to be at home for the weekend but had to return at night to the dorm. It was so great just to be around each other.

Tomorrow is a scheduled day off. Sherbet, the feral kitten we rescued, is being neutered tomorrow. I drop him off at 8 am and pick him up after 4 pm. I think he has a belly bug right now. He has had diarrhea the last couple days. I’m going to take some of that in to the vet with me tomorrow to have it/him checked out since he will already be there. He still is full of energy, social, and eating/drinking well. So I am not too worried.

Then the rest of the week is work. I get paid on Friday. One of the districts is via direct deposit and the other will be a paper check I have to go and pick up. In any case, both of these are going to be small checks. One district pays current to the month, the other pays you for last months work this month. So my November paycheck will be pretty nice from both districts.

We have all our loans all ducked up. We were approved for Income Based Repayment for my Federal Student Loans along with Mr. Wanderlusts Federal Student Loans. Our Perkins loans still have two months on them until they are due, and we are still making monthly payments to them anyways. The Parent Plus Loans that we are attempting to repay back for my in-laws provided us with a monthly payment amount for each. It comes out to about $500 a month. We don’t know the exact amount since it only provided three payments out of four. They didn’t provide us with a payment schedule for the loan we have been making payments on.

I will admit I’m still not too thrilled about paying the Parent Plus Loans. That $500 a month could be going to our loans. We won’t reap any tax benefits for the interest paid. I would be less upset if they were helping pay or something, since they are in their name. But, alas. No. It isn’t an argument worth having with anyone. We are basically throwing all excess money at these loans to get them gone as quickly as possible. It is what it is.

Today I am going to start on the budget for next month, just to see where we are at. As mentioned, my paychecks will be small this month. More than anything I really don’t know what my pay will be this month. Next month I am looking at almost $1,000. But, that is next month. I’m worried about this month.


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