Meal Plan….Plan?

This title is messed up. I had no idea what to call this post.

I mean, the title is accurate. This is a post on how I plan to do meal plans. So, let us just jump right in.

In the last month and a half, I’ve noticed our grocery expenses have almost doubled since we moved from Ohio to Texas. I knew there would be an increase with us not having access to an Aldi anymore. I didn’t anticipate it to nearly double. We used to spend $250 to $300 a month. We are now, if I’m just honest, spending $500 a month. The last trip of the month is borrowing from the fuel and wherever else we have leftover money at-categories.

I have heard about meal planning. I’m going to try my best with it. I also think if I can cut down on the number of trips that that will help as well. I am planning on going twice a month for the main event of grocery shopping. For fresh produce I will go once a week. I also need to cut down on the additional trips to the grocery as well. (Those are mostly like tonight, where I had a horrific day at work and wanted ice cream to make it all better).

Today, Friday, is my first grocery trip following this method. Two nights ago I sat down and wrote up a meal plan for the rest of the month of October. I included breakfasts and dinners. For lunch I eat salad, and pretty much salad only. If Mr. Wanderlust is home he will eat leftovers. Sometimes he makes himself something fresh or goes to the cafeteria and gets food.

So, here is my meal plan for the month. I took a picture, it is blurry (I stink at pictures).

2015-10-14 18.31.51

(Oh, hey look. I figured out how to make pictures big!)

Honestly, I pulled these recipes from the inter-webs. If you google the name I’m sure you will find it.

This weekend I plan on making the cheesy sausage breakfast muffins as a double batch and tossing them in the freezer. Downside, you microwave them for a quick breakfast. We don’t have a microwave….so I guess I’ll have to reheat in the oven. Most of the time we have a full, old fashioned breakfast during the week. It is yummy and it keeps us full until lunch. For me, it typically leaves me full until a late lunch. Which is how I get away with a boring old salad for lunch.

I also made a grocery list. I took a picture of it. No idea why you would want to see it, especially since it doesn’t have all the required ingredients on it. But I’m showing you for a different reason.

2015-10-14 18.31.36

As you can see I had to cross out amounts as I went. My grocery list isn’t pristine at all. The little stars next to some of the items indicate that they have fresh produce. Some of these I won’t be buying this week, because they would go bad by the time I need them. I do need to figure out what I need specifically for this upcoming week.

Well, there we go. I’m still working on collecting recipes so I’m not the right person to ask about that. After I feel comfortable with recipes and what-not I will let you know how I do that. It’s a little bit of a mess right now!


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