Working it Out: PiYo and Esther

I am not a Beach Body coach. Just to preface this post. I do have friends that are, and I appreciate them but–honestly, I find the company to be overpriced.

I am borrowing the PiYo program from a friend of mine. It is a low impact, Pilates/Yoga program. I decided to give it a try, mostly, because of the low impact part. I have a back injury and need to work on flexibility. I hate workout DVD programs because they get so dang repetitive but I am looking at it as two months and my body won’t be hurting as much. I’ve had a lot of pain recently and it stems from my hamstrings and lower back being tight. Working on flexibility will help overall.

I’ll do little updates every couple weeks. So far, the Fundamentals video was an hour of “I already know this….I have done yoga before”. I also did one actual workout yesterday, and have another today. Not bad so far.

I also started a Bible Study program focusing on the book of Esther. No idea if any of my regular readers will care about this part or not. I, literally, started this last night so nothing much to say.

I’m trying to focus on my physical health and spiritual. I’ve been in a bit of a funk and am working to get out of that…for sure.


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