Peace of Mind

There is no greater feeling than sitting down, bright and early at the start of a new month and paying all of your bills.

I sat down with my cup of coffee. My current binge worthy TV show playing in the background (Desperate Housewives…so not the show I thought it was) and started by updating the budget. Mr. Wanderlust had a paycheck deposited, so I tossed that into our October for November category. I then began to chug away paying each of our bills. Internet, cell phone, credit card, and car payment. I pay on our student loans at the end of each month, just to roll over any extra that we may have.

I just love the feeling of knowing we are buffered a month ahead and that the money is just ready to go come the first of the month. That peace of mind is a great relief.


One thought on “Peace of Mind

  1. So true! I also love this feeling. Some people dread it but even though we have lots of bills to pay and we’re not rich, it makes me really thankful for our blessings. Thank you for sharingb


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