September 2015 Budget Update

We made it! The ninth month of the year is over, we have just three months until the end of the year is here! So exciting.

This month wasn’t too bad. It was a little rough around the edges but we made it work. We didn’t have the money to put anything into savings for September, but all our expenses were covered and that is what is most important.

So, let us just jump into it!

Debt Payments

Debt 9

Student Loans ($341 and $5.48 fee= $346.48) – This month I was able to do a minimum payment for our ECSI student loans. I was also able to pay off $253 off of our first loan in our snowball. We are paying off my student loans and my husbands student loans. Those include ECSI, FedLoan and Navient. We are also paying his Parent Plus Loans since his parents cannot afford to pay those payments. This month we also began the process of getting our FedLoan and Navient loans based on an income based payment plan, to allow us to carry out of snowball how we see fit. It actually isn’t a snowball but rather an avalanche.

Don’t forget, I now have a page you can visit to check on where we are at in our debt snowball!

Internet ($89.50)- This is higher than most months will be. This includes our installation and service fees. We have the lowest internet available.

Utilities ($90.41)- This is a sinking fund meaning, I budgeted $140 and spent $90.41. Once this category has $200 sitting in it, I won’t be funding it anymore, until/unless it is used. We have an allotment for utilities. I was not provided details on what that included or the amounts, but we will receive a bill if we go over the allotment for the difference. The amount spent this month was on a past due electric bill, from the apartment we moved out of in May, where we turned off the electric but they electric company ‘lost the form’. I honestly didn’t fight it. I just paid it and moved on.

Cell Phone ($110)- We have Verizon. It is expensive. We have service everywhere. We are on a family share plan with my in-laws. We are happy and cannot break the contract until our part of the contract is up next summer.

Groceries ($500)- We actually went over our budget. I had $400 budgeted. I borrowed from a few other categories to fill this out and make it work. I’m not sure if it is just that much more expensive to eat here in Texas or if the extra stuff I needed to stock a kitchen (spices, a few odds and ends like measuring cups, etc) are what killed this. This is one of our more fluid categories. I try to be strict here but we have to eat at the same time.

Fuel ($200)- This included an extra oil change, car washes and fuel purchases throughout the month.

Eating Out and Entertainment ($100)- This is our blow money as a couple for the month. We see a movie at the $5 theater almost every weekend and we get a drink to split and sometimes a snack. We went bowling once this month as well and ate there. We ordered pizza twice, once on moving company drop off and the other for fun.

Household Items ($15)- I bought a zester. Yeah, I was shocked it was $15 bucks too.

Prescriptions ($15)- This seems self explanatory.

Misc ($197.63)-  This was me being lazy more than anything. $100 of this was for the lady that watched my cat for a week while I was in Ohio. The rest was to pay the premium adjustment on the car insurance with the move to Texas. I should have put these in their appropriate categories but I didn’t.

Car Payment ($210)- I don’t actually know what my minimum payment is. I just pay $210 since it is a round number. Many more of these to come. This isn’t in our debt snowball currently. Even if it were it would be at the very end because of the interest rate.

Wrap Up

I’m glad we finally made a payment on our student loans. That was great! We had to make the decision between doing that or putting money into savings. I’m pretty okay with how the month went. I had officially moved to Texas, we were still getting settled and getting the house ready to go. Lots of little things which made the cut into savings and student loan payments. I also only got one very small (less than 200 bucks) paycheck for September. I will get two small ones in October. The one district will always be a smaller paycheck, they don’t have that many subs needed. I prefer that district over the busier one, but the busier one has more jobs. The busy district pays on a schedule I’m not used to. So the two days I worked for them in September I will be paid for in October. Now, in November I will get a nice paycheck from the busier district. I already have 7 days booked in October for them. I already have a total of 9 out of 21 school days booked. Which is great. They have work everyday, it is nuts. It is scary at the same time, because you are hoping and praying the jobs go up and that you can catch them. Now that the app is working on my phone I should be fine again. It wasn’t working most of last week so I did miss signing up for some jobs.

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