One Year Anniversary

This is going to be very short.

One year ago, today, I lost my brother. He was sick. None of us really knew. We saw the signs and looking at pictures you could see the sadness in his eyes. My brother took his own life a year ago. We will never understand why, that day was the day. We will never be able to bring him back.

I do believe that I will see him again. That he was embraced by God. I don’t believe that those that take their own life are banished from God’s grace. To me, those that take their own life are the ones that need God’s grace the most. You can agree with me or not. I don’t fault your beliefs, you are more than entitled to them.

Suicide sucks. It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Mental health issues suck. The stigma attached to them has diminished but not greatly. It is still something that is looked down on, ignored, swept under the rug. I don’t agree with that, and I am grateful for my experience with counselors and the help that they have provided for me and my struggles.

In remembrance of my brother family and I are participating in an Out of the Darkness walk hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this weekend. If you have a similar organization or walk, I highly recommend participating. Outreach is a great way to spread awareness in regards to Mental Health programs and suicide prevention.

If suicide has touched your life, please, know that I am so sorry for your loss. No words can express how sorry I am.


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